Find it hard to balance personal wellbeing and business success?

you are not alone…

Enhance your wellbeing and business performance as one, with this gamechanging course.

What Is It?

New business ownership is considered an extreme occupation.

It offers extreme rewards and stress, producing conditions for flourishing but also as a source of ill-being.

High workload, risk, and isolation, which generally are part of the life of new business owners, tend to lead to high levels of stress, burnout and eventually chronic ill-being such as depression.

The evidence is out there. New business owners, in general, exhibit higher rates of depression, anxiety, mental disorders and suicide.

The current support mechanisms don’t seem to work as intended.

Many business development support organisations have tried to address these mental health problems, yet the support offered tend to clash with the services provided by these organisations. New business owners are encouraged to persist, take risks, be optimistic about the future and aspire to achieve unrealistic aims.

While important to mobilize action, research has found that these programmes often trigger negative emotional responses as protection in anticipation to potential failure. Mental health and wellbeing support is often offered on the side, not as an integral part of the business development process. This is complicated because business development programmes can end up playing a dual role, creating the problem and selling a Band-Aid that little can do to resolve the actual problem.

Our MIND Your Business programmes support new business owners who want to aim for growth and success whilst working on their mental health at the same time.

What It Covers

The MIND Your Business course covers six topics

MIND Your Business differs from what other business support offers.

This course looks at the tensions, rewards and stressors of the whole of a business owner’s work and home life together, not just one area in isolation. It explores being and doing – helping people decide how best for them to make decisions based on why they started in the first place, rather than teaching them technical skills to use in their practical tasks.


Why do I feel the way I do?


What do I already have around me that I can rely on when life happens?


What are my real KPIs?


What do my KPIs look like in daily life?


What can I do when stuff inevitably hits the fan in my personal and work life?


What can I do to make it easier to keep myself using this approach and improving it?

The Course


1 day a week for 6 weeks
30 hours facilitation
6 weeks of mentoring

Delivery options:
Face to Face

£3,995 per person


2 day intensive course
12 hours facilitation

Delivery options:
Face to Face

£1,395 per person

Why Attend?

Don’t let the demands of business ownership take a toll on your well-being and hinder your business and personal growth.

Join us for the MIND Your Business development course and take the first step towards a more balanced, fulfilling, and successful business journey…

Gain Clarity

The unique blend of techniques and strategies will help you gain clarity on your purpose, actions, and achievement goals. By understanding your true motivations, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions and drive your business towards success.

Nurture your well-being

We understand the challenges that come with starting and growing a business – that’s why our course places a strong emphasis on combining personal and business development. Learn effective strategies and techniques to discover what drives success in your entrepreneurial life, and maintain a healthy work-life mix. By taking care of yourself, you’ll be equipped with the resilience and energy needed to navigate the entrepreneurial journey.

Connect with like-minded individuals

Find a supportive community of fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners. This network will serve as a valuable resource for sharing experiences, learning from one another, and fostering collaborations. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who understand your journey is incredibly empowering and inspiring.

Get expert guidance

The content is based on award-winning research developed by Durham University entrepreneurship researchers. And our experienced trainers and mentors have a deep understanding of both business and personal development. They will carefully guide you, to provide valuable insights, personalised feedback, and actionable advice. You’ll have access to their expertise, ensuring that you receive the support needed to thrive.

Remember, investing in your wellbeing is investing in the success of your business!

Join us for the MIND Your Business development course and take the first step towards a more balanced, We look forward to welcoming you to the Mind Your Business community and supporting you on your journey to entrepreneurial excellence.

About The Research

Informed by award-winning research…

In 2022 we decided to tackle this problem head on. A team of researchers from Durham University, led by Professor Pablo Munoz, engaged in a collaborative research journey with a group of business owners to study a complicated problem: the deterioration of self-worth amongst business owners.

After 18 months, we found mismatches between expectations and experiences at three levels—purpose, autonomy, and achievement—which surface as business owners reflect on execution, performance, and fulfilment experiences.

So, it is not the stressful experiences or heavy workload themselves that trigger negative emotions, rather it is the compounding of incongruences between expectations of ideal states and actual experiences at the level of purpose, autonomy, and achievement.

Tackling issues of self-worth in new business creation is extremely important, because its deterioration has implications not only for their psychological functioning, but for the performance of the business. New business owners with diminished self-worth engage in rumination, frequently criticizing themselves and their abilities. They rarely welcome compliments and tend to focus on mistakes, leading to negative judgments and overly critical evaluations of their performance, and their value as business owners and human beings.

Existing support programmes are ill-equipped to tackle these problems, as they tend to focus on self-confidence and self-esteem.

Our MYB programmes help business owners navigate through these incongruences and their effects and equip them with tools to rethink their businesses. We help them form more positive and stable conceptualizations of themselves and rebuild their businesses around them. Mixing wellbeing and business performance is now possible.

Our research was funded by UKRI and received the 2023 Best paper award for Excellence in Research on the General Topic in Entrepreneurship, presented by the National Federation of Independent Business in the USA.


“Six sessions is a big commitment of time and energy – but it’s not TAKING from your day, it’s GIVING something to you and your business”

“I was worried I would be the only one there who felt like they were struggling. I was delighted to find out I was not the only one and it turned out to be a fantastic space to be vulnerable and grow together”

“I wish I’d had all of this knowledge before – but glad I have it now.”

“ This is not how most business courses work”

  • No time
  • Overwhelm
  • Lack of direction
  • Stuck
  • Daily grind
  • Burnout
  • Firefighting mode
  • What do I ask for help with?
  • Low confidence
  • Can’t do it any more
  • Failing and if I reach out, it confirms to people that I shouldn’t be doing it
  • Too busy to think
  • Isolated
  • I’m not alone
  • I’m not the only one
  • Where to find direction
  • Things to be better
  • Understand why and how it is affecting my mental health
  • Inner peace and calm
  • Stop the downward spiral going further
  • I’ve got my focus back
  • I realise everyone is in the same boat
  • Now I’ve got a structure to take forward every Monday morning
  • Understanding yourself helps you apply more effectively the practical skills of business you need to learn.
  • I was always looking for new qualifications, as I am not “expert enough”, but now I realise that the business is about me right now.
  • I want to keep this moment of clarity in the mess of my life.
  • It’s helped my focus on ‘me’ in the business – focussing on my self-worth and how this HAS to be the foundation for everything else – even the ‘why’ in my business.
  • Helpful insight into how entrepreneurship affects my mental health
  • I’m armed with a suitcase full of colourful help to get me and my businesses CLEARLY into the future
  • Rediscover my identity – freedom from my old job vs freedom to create my own work
  • I realise now that I have the power and authority to build my business around me as a person

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